Chalk Line presents

Blue (working title)

In collaboration with Davinia Hamilton and Marta Vella

Supported By: Abortion Support Network, Break The Taboo Malta, The Women's Rights Foundation, Artsdepot and Artsadmin

Blue Image .jpg

Devised by the company | Cast - Davinia Hamilton & Marta Vella

Creative Team - Co-directors - Sam Edmunds and Vikesh Godhwani
Video Designer - Amelia Kosminsky | Designer - Becca White

Trainee Producer - Katy Galloway

Every year, hundreds of Maltese women seek abortion healthcare, despite the blanket ban on abortion in Malta, and despite the surveys that suggest Maltese people are almost unanimously anti-choice. On abortion, Malta really is a remote island, with deeply conservative views on reproductive rights. But beyond the repression are unspoken stories of courage, resilience, grief, and solidarity. 


Blue is a devised docu-play interrogating the blanket ban on abortion in Malta; the piece will aim to present an accurate depiction of Maltese women's experiences through interviews, verbatim work, innovative use of technology, and a fondly critical look at the island state, with its unique brand of Catholic kitsch, modern aspirations and established lore.

With the travel restrictions put in place in 2020 to curb the spread of Coronavirus, making abortion accessible to all has never been more pertinent. On March 23, the UK issued a change to its current abortion laws that would provide telemedicine and at-home abortions for early terminations (up to 10 weeks), which account for 9 in 10 of all abortions. However, for Maltese women, who have historically relied on travel to the UK when they have required abortion healthcare, the situation is now dire.

Blue has received Arts Council England funding to undergo a research and development period in December 2020, supported by Artsadmin, Break The Taboo Malta, The Women's Rights Foundation and Abortion Support Network.

Blue has also been selected  for further development on the Artist Residency Scheme at Artsdepot in May 2021. The team will use their residency at Artsdepot to turn research, interviews, and case studies into a first draft of the piece, through both physical exploration as well as experimenting with projection. During their time on the residency with Artsdepot they hope to spark conversation on how to develop the piece for an online audience, allowing it to be safely watched by Maltese women in the comfort of their own homes.