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Working with CALM

In 2019 Chalk Line began a working relationship with the charity CALM, staging ‘Testament’ in association with the organisation to raise awareness of young male suicide. Through this, Chalk Line provided information regarding CALM to over 500 audience members through leaflets and information packs which were handed out at the end of each performance. They also managed to raise £360 across these shows through donations from audience members.

To find out more about CALM please follow this link:


In 2020 Chalk Line participated in the Two Point Six Challenge launched to help raise funds for charities, in particular, supporting CALM. Chalk Line engaged with 28 artists, be that actors, dancers, musicians, bands or more and provided them with a free platform to showcase some of their work. This showcase of work ran in parallel with a fundraising page, where Chalk Line managed to raise £710 for CALM.


Chalk Line's Co-Artistic Director Sam Edmunds is currently offering free Mentorship through the 'Acting Out' scheme founded by Adam Morley, which aims to support Graduates coming out of COVID who missed out on having a showcase.

Chalk Line are currently providing 1-1 mentorship to three emerging producers, tackling skills based workshops which will help them to develop their own work.

Free workshops

In 2020 Chalk Line began to work with the charity COMMON to provide free workshops to working class artists in how to produce their own work. These workshops were supported by The Pleasance Futures Trust and were attended by 60 artists across three days. 

Chalk Line, alongside COMMON, are now working on launching new workshops in the near future, both online and in person.

Chalk Line have provided free skills based workshops to all applicants who recently applied for their Trainee Director or Producer, hoping to teach some essential skills for these artists as they enter into 2021.

Chalk Line have provided free devising workshops for their Associate Company, Next Generation Youth Theatre, teaching their Theatre Company.

Throughout 2021 Chalk Line have collaborated with various organisations providing free and accessible workshops to young people and artists across the UK. Some of these organisations have included National Theatre Connections, Revoluton Arts, artsdepot, The Place Theatre Bedford, The Mercury Theatre, NGYT and Luton Sixth Form College.

Theatre tickets

With support from organisations such as Arts Council England, Luton Council, Love Luton, Epping Forest District Council and Imagine Luton, Chalk Line have been able to provide 255 discounted/free tickets for young people to see their shows.

Chalk Line have worked with organisations and institutions such as Abbey Gate College (Chester), Rhubarb Speech and Drama (Bristol), Revoluton Arts (Luton), Next Generation Youth Theatre (Luton), The Black Ticket Project (UK) and Clitheroe Royal Grammar School (Clitheroe). 

Chalk Line are actively seeking to develop a new scheme which will allow young people from low socio-economic backgrounds to attend selected performances for free.

Trainee Producer

Chalk Line have recently released a new Trainee Producer scheme until the end of 2020, where they will bring an artist into the creation of their new show 'Blue'. This is a paid role that also sees the Trainee receive 2months worth of free mentoring. 

Blanket Ban Campaign

In 2022 Chalk Line launched the Blanket Ban Campaign alongside the staging of their production. This campaign raised awareness and funds for Women On Web and the Abortion Support Network, raising £308 across its run. Alongside this Chalk Line also worked closely with Abortion Rights who ran stalls alongside performances and distributed online resources created by Dear Decision Makers.

Working in schools

In 2022 Chalk Line worked in collaboration with artsdepot to provide a 10 week devising training programme at Saracens High School, whilst also delivering their Bronze Arts Award. Across the devising course, Chalk Line worked in collaboration with the students to create a piece of a theatre which was then performed at artsdepot's studio space. Chalk Line were also funded to deliver further workshops throughout the year working at institutions such as St Agnes Primary School.

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