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How to submit

Chalk Line are looking to expand their pool of writers. We are welcoming emails from new writers to simply introduce themselves and their work.

We are happy to accept samples of work but at the moment we have limited capacity to offer feedback on any full script submissions we receive. 

Please send an email to

We look forward to reading your emails and we will be sure to get in touch with everyone with our current plans for how we will aim to work with playwrights in the future.

We are not looking to commission new plays through this call, but to start relationships with new writers instead, so that in the future when we can offer commissions, workshops or opportunities we can contact people directly.

We are keen to hear from writers from unrepresented backgrounds who are tackling important socio-political themes or issues within their work. 

We have a strong interest in working with playwrights that are keen to experiment; creating work that is unconventional in form & structure.

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