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Chalk Line presents

The Chaos That Has Been and Will No Doubt Return

Written by Sam Edmunds

"If this town gave out a collective breath of exhaustion, buildings would shake across the whole of England."


Two best mates. One HUGE party. Luton pinned by austerity. An evening of noughties bangers and shots of shitty gin mixed with the chaos of violence. A night to remember!


Winners of the 2022 Untapped Award, Chalk Line presents The Chaos That Has Been and Will No Doubt Return.


Packed with swagger, it hurls at a rapid pace with linguistic vigour and unfolds in real time. It's a tapestry of violence and joy parading through Luton.

Image by Luce Newman Williams

Hat Factory Arts Centre, Luton, July 17th & 18th

Summerhall Edinburgh, August 1st-26th

Supported By: The Hat Factory Arts Centre, Theatre Peckham, Camden People's Theatre, The Unity Theatre Trust and the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.

Creative Team 

Written by Sam Edmunds
Directed by Sam Edmunds & Vikesh Godhwani
Produced by Chalk Line Theatre

Set Designer Rob Miles

Sound Designer Matteo Depares

Movement Director/Intimacy Co-Ordinator Jess Tucker Boyd

Associate Sound Designer Anna Short

Lighting Designer Sam Edmunds

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