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Chalk Line presents


By Sam Edmunds

Supported By: A Younger Theatre, The New Diorama and Arts Council England
In Association With: CALM


Chalk Line Theatre's award-winning debut play Testament, staged in association with CALM and supported by Arts Council England, exploring suicide, loss and guilt.


In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth and...Max! Max is in a car crash with his brother and girlfriend, Tess, who dies in the accident. Following his loss, Max tries to commit suicide and fails, but when he wakes up, he believes she is still alive.

Driven by an electronic soundscape, biblical apparitions and haunting physical sequences, we follow Max in his search for Tess, whilst his only hope of recovery lies in the hands of his brother Chris.

WINNER - EFDC Creativity Award 2018

WINNER - Best Drama & Sound Design Steam Head Awards 2018

'Intricately crafted triumph of creativity' - Ed Fringe Review



'This production offers something new and fun whilst tackling the particularly sensitive and current issue of suicide amongst the youth. I think it would be beneficial

for all young people to see it!' London Pub Theatre’s

★★★★ - Three Weeks

★★★★  – North West End

★★★★ – Spy In The Stalls

★★★★- Fringe Guru

★★★★  - The Review Chap

★★★★  - Theatre Weekly

★★★★ - Act Drop

★★★★- London Theatre 1

★★★★  - Fairy Powered Productions

★★★★ - The Reviews Hub

★★★★ – Everything Theatre

★★★★  - 730 Review
★★★★ - Sadie Takes To Stage
★★★★ - BOYZ Magazine
★★★★ - From Page To Stage
★★★★ - London Theatre Review

★★★★ Derek Awards

'Absurdist theatre executed brilliantly and disturbingly'- Fringe Review

'Immediate And Frightening' - The Scotsman

'An ambitious production, tackling challenging topics with creativity and humour' - British Theatre Guide

'This high quality production will stress you out, make you laugh and send you home with plenty to think about' - Theatre Things

'Sparky, original, engaging piece of theatre' - Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine

Previous Showings:
Incoming Festival 2019
The Hope Theatre (3 week run) 2019
The Hope Theatre 2018
The Bread and Roses Theatre 2018
Edinburgh Fringe 2018
Debut Festival 2018

Creative Team:
Written By - Sam Edmunds
Directed By - Sam Edmunds & William Patrick Harrison
Assistant Director - Hannah Benson
Designer - Becca White
Producer - Vikesh Godhwani
Sound Designer - William Patrick Harrison
Lighting Designer - Alan Walden

Nicholas Shalebridge - Max
Jessica Frances - Tess
Shireenah Ingram - The Doctor
William Shackleton - Chris
David Angland - Jesus
Daniel Leadbitter - Lucifer



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