A town is in turmoil. A hospital is closing. And an MP is dead on the train tracks... Accident? Or opportunity?

When a local hospital announces its closure, panic ensues. 


Healthcare Assistant Rhea is forced to look for work elsewhere. Local lad Aaron worries about his mum’s treatment in the cancer unit. And Curtis just isn’t sure where he’s going to sleep. 


But when the three witness a horrific accident, a rare opportunity presents itself. 


As a dangerous decision triggers a wild chain of events, Rhea, Aaron and Curtis soon find themselves gathering power, influence and infamy – and inspiring a cohort of vigilante activists. 


What does it take to enact real change? And what would you sacrifice to keep it?

'The Nobodies' recently played a week run at London's Vault Festival from February 18th-23rd. It was selected as one of Lyn Gardner's Top Picks for the festival, one of British Theatre's Recommended Shows and was voted in the Top 5 Most Anticipated Shows for the festival via the Stage Door App. 

Press on 'The Nobodies':

'Definitely worth seeing. Full of swagger and moral ambiguities.' - Lyn Gardner


'Amy Guyler’s engagingly funny play The Nobodies reminds us that social discontent will have its expression...which offers hope that, even in the darkest times, the nobodies of the world can find ways to resist' - British Theatre Guide

An equally exciting and terrifying work, with beautiful touches of humour: The Nobodies is one to watch' 
Upper Circle

A smart, gutsy story about a trio of vigilantes which is appealing, wonderfully engaging and with unquestionable heart.' 
The Review Chap

'Through exceptional staging and strong performances, it manages to be gripping, playful, and unsettling all at the same time.'
Theatre Weekly


'Tightly-focused, pacey and very enjoyable evening of drama which certainly proves memorable for its audience.'

London Theatre Review


'The theme is a timeless one of the people who have little, being exploited by those who simply, just want more. Well worth your time.'
North West End

'An enthusiastic and engaging effort from a hard-working cast.'

London Theatre 1


'With its Zumba tunes, satirical bite and lunchtime-friendly length, The Nobodies could easily become an online hit.'

Sadie Takes The Stage

Industry on 'The Nobodies':
'Inventive, funny, sharply paced and wonderfully performed. It's an absolute belter.' - Rae Leaver, Programme Coordinator at The Hat Factory Luton

'Fantastic show! Millennials meet Miners Strike. Go see!' - Margot Przymierska, Producer Rich Mix London

'Powerful and anarchic piece of work' - Sean Hollands, Frantic Assembly

David Angland - Aaron
Joseph Reed - Curtis
Lucy Simpson - Rhea

Creative Team:
Directed and Produced By Sam Edmunds and Vikesh Godhwani
Written By Amy Guyler
Designed By Becca White
Sound Design By Mekel Edwards
Lighting Design By Alan Walden
Technical Stage Manager Rich Gunston


Supported By
Camden Peoples Theatre
The New Diorama
The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Arts Council England


Founded by Sam Edmunds and William Patrick Harrison

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Co-Artistic Directors - Sam Edmunds and Vikesh Godhwani
Designer - Becca White

Based in London/Luton.